Retail Distribution Service of the Year

Republic of Ireland Winner 2022

TBM Solution is a Dublin-based logistics company specialising in streamlining UK trade for Irish and international clients. The retail experts offer services that help businesses with all their freight, eCommerce and distribution requirements and have worked with
a range of business types from startups to established brands. Recognising Brexit as an opportunity, TBM Solution has developed dynamic and innovative supply chain solutions to help businesses keep their products moving during one of the most disruptive distribution issues to manifest in a lifetime. Anticipating the increased costs in administration, duties, taxes and more, the logistics experts have already saved their customers a significant amount of money.

The judges were impressed with the preemptive strategies undertaken by TBM Solution, who have turned the difficulties posed by Brexit into a more workable situation for their clients. Acquiring a warehouse facility in Bedford and staffing it with TBM employees, the team has enabled international clients to operate in a B2B, B2C and DTC capacity, which has centralised all operations under one company and delivered savings and efficiency gains for their grateful clients. Helping products and merchandise move seamlessly between countries used to be far easier before Brexit, now TBM Solution is making it more simple again.


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